Time to change swiss attitudes for digital transformation

Time To Change Swiss Attitudes For Digital Transformation

29 Mar 2017Daniel Kaempf

The progress of digitalisation and A.I. cannot be rolled back. Last year, only 20% of Swiss companies successfully implemented digital transformation. Why? The problem lies within traditional organizational culture. Most staff just love the status quo.

To change processes you need to change mindset......

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Darwin Digital - what is Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation and Why it’s so Important?

25 Jan 2017Daniel Kaempf

Digital transformation refers to the evolution and revitalization of the way business is done. It integrates digital technologies into all areas of business including external communication with consumers, internal processes, value propositions, organizational culture, and strategy. The main elements of digital transformation are

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Interview with Darwin Digital

30 Nov 2016Daniel Kaempf

Over a cup of coffee Darwin Digital team is interviewed by Know It All. They discuss on how to make a customised App, or advice on how to grow your social media networks or how it is working at EPFL Innovation Park.

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Managing The Insecurities of Global Clients

11 Aug 2016Daniel Kaempf

In our third summer interview we feature Benita Dreesen, the founder of Bentleye, a marketing, communications and PR agency. We met up with her over a cold coffee on a hot day to talk about innovation, the digital revolution and how to disconnect this summer.

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