Having A Website Is Like Owning A Pet

  • 09 Jun 2016
  • Daniel Kaempf

Having A Website Is Like Owning A Pet

Congratulations! You’ve got a new website. That’s a great achievement. But few people are aware that the hard work begins now: you need to drive traffic to your site, consistently publish fresh content and most importantly keep your website up to date and secure.

Having a website is very similar to having a pet. You need to feed it every day and make sure it gets the necessary vaccinations. The same is true for websites. You need to update them, do security checks and run updates. We’ve put together a list of the most frequent tasks that you need to do in order to get the most out of your website:

Choose a host
A web host is the equivalent of your pet’s cage or basket. It’s basically where your website ‘lives.’ It’s the place where your website is stored and can be accessed via the Internet. If you haven’t done it already, you need to decide on a long-term hosting provider for your website. There are a lot of options out there and you need to decide which one works best for you and your business. Some things to consider are bandwidth, what kind of support the host is providing and whether it is a shared or managed solution.

Create Content
Think of your content as your website’s food. Basically it keeps your website alive. But developing content is time consuming. However, new content drives traffic to your website, improves your SEO and shows your users and clients that you are active and know what you are doing. Sometimes content simply becomes outdated and you need to update this information. Maybe your business has moved and you have a new office address, or a new member has joined your team and it needs to be added to your website.

Webmastering is for your website what regular check-ups at the vet are for your pet. You want to make sure your website’s content management system (CMS), be it WordPress or another system, stays up-to-date by regularly installing updates and plugins to avoid a more complicated problem further down the line. It’s also about knowing how to update your website and how to handle your CMS so you don’t crash the site every time you try to publish a new post.

Develop a security plan
Having a security plan for your website in place is like making sure your pet gets the vaccinations it needs. You may not think your website is of any interest to hackers. But websites are compromised all the time. The majority of website security breaches do not aim to steal your data or deface your website. Instead hackers want to use your server as an email relay for spam or host files of an illegal nature. It’s therefore essential to have a customised security plan for your business website in place, especially if you are using open source software.

Need help with the day-to-day management of your website? Our team is on call in case you run into any trouble and are happy to help you out as quickly as possible. Here at Darwin Digital, a web design and web development agency based in Lausanne and Geneva, we also provide training for updating websites and can support you with your content development.