The Importance of Video Content for NGO websites

  • 25 Sep 2016
  • Daniel Kaempf

The Importance of Video Content for NGO websites

According to the latest research, video usage went up 800% from 2015 to 2016. Including a video on your website can increase conversion rates by over 83%.  We now live in a video-first world.

How NGOs can benefit from video content

NGOs deal with a lot of demanding tasks in a digital world: to spread awareness for their cause, gain more followers and members, increase donations, promote their events and recruit volunteers. The most noteworthy: is to engage people emotionally for their mission, help them feel connected and build long lasting trust towards their organisation.

This is where video content has an essential role. It offers a chance to show viewers a deeper insight of the problems NGOs are trying to solve whilst triggering an emotional response that other media types can’t provide. Also, it is proven that testimonial videos from aided people inspire confidence and increase donations. Remember the power of a shared video!

Effective use of videos on NGO websites

A video that clearly states the purpose of your NGO is an essential element of the homepage, as well as emotional stories about people being impacted. The benefits are great first impressions which inspire confidence, increase Click Through Rates by 30%, engages visitors and motivates donors.


Homepages of One Drop and Peace Talks websites.

NGO visitors like to see success stories. There are two types of testimonial videos – from people you’ve aided and from people you’ve worked with. The clear benefits are a better understanding of your cause and building trust.

Another key page which benefits from the impact of videos is Upcoming Events. Using videos to promote your events and activities, can aid in recruiting volunteers and gaining more participants at the event.

For the look and feel, ensure that your videos tie in with the style and colours of your website. Standard assets like title bars, intros and outros should not stand out from an overall impression of the website.

And what about SEO? It is very important to add metadata such as files names, titles, tags, descriptions. Make an effort so Google also likes you.

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