Four Key Steps For A Successful Social Crowdfunding Campaign

  • 20 Dec 2016
  • Daniel Kaempf

You have a social cause close to your heart that will improve people’s lives and generally make the World a better place. The only problem is you’re missing 50K to get it up and running. Using a crowd donating platform to raise funds can be very effective, however, no campaign will succeed without excellent planning and a teamwork.  For the planning part, these key steps are common to all successful campaigns.

The four basic steps for a successful social cause crowdfunding campaign

1. Clearly define your social goal and strategy to achieve it
You need to have a very clear goal for your campaign. Actually, the goal of the project will be the name of the campaign – keep it short, active, and descriptive. Some examples might be “Feed the Homeless in Baltimore” or “Help Sara Survive”; generally clean and crisp call to action. Once you know the goal, the amount of money needed, the execution plan and you have the right team, put it on paper ready for submission.

2. Prepare your online environment to maximise donations
Before submitting, there are few more things to consider. Firstly your website, it has to perfectly updated and user oriented. All links should lead to the crowdfunding page; from the main banner, from the blog posts and even the 404 page (content not found page). Don’t forget to design a responsive website that is mobile-friendly; 17% of overall crowdfunding donations are made via mobile devices. Set up an online payment platform. Most crowdfunding platforms ask you for a Paypal or Stripe account to receive credit card payments. It goes without saying that you need to mobilise your social media audience.

3. Choose the right crowdfunding platform for your cause
There are numerous crowdfunding platforms where you can submit a project. They have different criteria and conditions so be picky;  you have all-or-nothing concept vs. keep-what-you-raise model. Fees go from 0% on the likes of to between 2,9% and 5% on Make sure you do your research carefully and find out what kind of support they can offer to promote your cause.

4. Make a big noise about your social campaign
After submitting the project, the hard work has only just started. You need to spread a word about your campaign. Talk to local media, talk to influencers, have a social media campaign with a unique hashtag, and most important – send emails. One-third of all crowdfunding donations are made after receiving an email. Social media channels are great for awareness, but email is for action. Send inspiring, educational and appealing emails about the cause, include links, donate button, share button, photos, and videos. Include auto-responding emails with thank you notes and information about raised money. Make it personal.

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