nViso: Delivering A Global Webinar

nViso’s emotion recognition software measures human emotional reactions in real-time. The facial imaging technology lets advertisement agencies and brands analyse how customers react to advertisements or other marketing collateral.


Darwin Digital delivered a webinar for the Lausanne-based innovation company nViso that reinforces the its position as an industry-leader, generates new leads and strengthens the relationships with existing customers. Darwin Digital developed the content structure, the marketing materials and the technical set-up of the webinar.

  • Webinar as part of the business development strategy

    Webinars are a powerful tool to develop a business. Hosting a webinar allowed the Lausanne-based company nViso to globally showcase its expertise, products and services. The topic of the webinar was how emotion recognition technology allows businesses to communicate with real impact and allowed nViso to reach out to potential customers. The webinar enabled new customers to get to know nViso on a much deeper level than what would be accomplished with user documentation and user guides.

  • Digital marketing campaign to engage users

    Darwin Digital created a marketing campaign ahead of the webinar to encourage users to join the event. Darwin Digital created a registration page that allowed participants to sign up for the webinar. In addition, Darwin Digital sent out an engaging registration email as part of the digital marketing campaign. With the help of these sign-up forms nViso was able to collect lead information about potential customers.

  • Set up technology and deliver webinar

    Darwin Digital set up the technology and ensured the flawless delivery of a live webinar. Darwin Digital chose a webinar platform and set up a webinar account. We took care of the room set-up, access settings and audio options to ensure participants have the best user experience possible.