Mr Fix It: Inbound marketing for a new online business

Mr Fix It is a handymen and gardening service operating in Switzerland’s Lake Geneva region. Mr Fix It’s professional and international handyman team provides services to Swiss clients and expats living in the area. Darwin Digital worked closely with the Mr Fix It team to evaluate the company’s digital needs and develop the core element of this online business.


The challenging aspect of this projects was to set up an online business for Mr Fix It. The website acts as the main driver of business as clients looking for handyman services request them through the online portal. The core element of the digital strategy is therefore to drive customers and subcontractors to the site.

  • Developing a solid inbound marketing strategy

    To get the attention of potential customers we developed a solid inbound marketing strategy for Mr Fix It. Our detailed search engine optimisation (SEO) ensured that Mr Fix It’s website appears as the number one search result for handyman services in the Lake Geneva region.

  • Integrating social media marketing

    As part of the outreach strategy we integrated social media as a key component into the marketing plan. With our support, Mr Fix It set up an online presence in relevant networks and can directly communicate with potential clients and current customers.

  • UX design focusing on Swiss and expat clients

    Adapting the site to the needs of Swiss and expat clients, the projects focused on giving the Mr Fix It website a refreshed UX design. As a first step we analysed the client base and developed the customer personas based on factual research. We gathered insights into real customer experiences and tracked ongoing website interactions. This research helped us to define a set of needs, features and tools which would benefit the business.