IPAT: Professional and efficient design

IPAT, the International Peacebuilding Advisory Team, is based in Geneva, Switzerland and offers a range of consulting services that contribute to more effective peacebuilding strategies, policies, and processes.


Darwin Digital created a website for IPAT that clearly communicates its services to potential clients operating mainly in the Global South. Since IPAT is working on a non-profit basis, we had to find a cost-effective solution for the development and upkeep of the site.

  • Efficient design that speaks to the target audience

    Darwin Digital and IPAT collaborated closely to ensure the website contributed to IPAT’s goals and fulfilled their digital needs. The IPAT website has a professional and efficient design that is in line with its brand identity. The clean structure makes it easy for potential clients to navigate the services offered by IPAT.

  • Choosing the CMS that best fits the client’s needs

    We chose WordPress as content management system for the IPAT website design as it best matched IPAT’s needs. IPAT was looking for a system that is cost-effective and easy to update on a regular basis. As part of the handover process of the website, Darwin Digital designed a training component for the IPAT communications team. Detailed guidance on how to maintain and update the site enables IPAT to manage the site independently.