nViso: Building an innovative fintech solution

EmotionAdvisor is a unique fintech solution that uses emotion recognition technology to facilitate financial decision-making. EmotionAdvisor utilises artificial intelligence to reveal people's true feelings about their financial priorities. At the end of the experience, EmotionAdvisor delivers a personalised report that allows investors to make better financial decisions based on how they feel about their finances.


The objective of the project was to build an application that would support the business logic of the EmotionAdvisor. Financial advisors can use EmotionAdvisor as a lead generation tool. They can invite new and existing clients to try the EmotionAdvisor experience and use the personalised report as a basis for further discussion with their clients.

  • A custom portal built on the PHP Laravel framework

    The application was built on the PHP Laravel framework. In order for the EmotionAdvisor application to function properly, it needed to interact with the emotions database using the nViso API and with a MySQL database that stores the information of financial advisors and users.

  • A simple and efficient user experience

    In order for the user to be able to interact with the application, Darwin Digital built a portal using the AsgardCMS. This allows for a simple and efficient user experience for financial advisors as well as their clients. It is also possible to directly integrate the portal with the CRM system of financial advisors.

  • Custom video content creation

    Darwin Digital also created customised video content in English and German for the EmotionAdvisor experience. The team managed the entire video production process including the development of storyboards, footage selection, editing and international voice-over. The outcome were videos that are tried and tested to provoke an emotional reaction for users of the EmotionAdvisor.