FANCI: Communicating About Complex Technology

FANCI is a research project that aims to develop technologies that change how drivers interact with their vehicles. The project focuses on intelligent user sensing methods such as face analysis, eye tracking, and emotion authentication. Partners of the FANCI project are CEVA, HARMAN, KeyLemon, nViso, SoftKinetic, TobiiTechnology and the University of Siena. FANCI is funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 framework programme.


Darwin Digital built a website for the FANCI project that allows the researchers to communicate with the European Union and a broader, non-expert audience. We developed visual aids and supporting graphics that make it easier to communicate about complex technology.

  • UX design and user-friendly content development

    Darwin Digital designed a platform that has a simple and yet efficient structure. The navigation is intuitive to all types of users. Using custom-designed graphics and images, Darwin Digital was able to complement the copy and facilitated communication on complex topics. The addition of a glossary function is another feature that makes the content more accessible to a large audience. Darwin Digital also supported the FANCI researches in setting up their social media presence so that their messages could be amplified on social channels.

  • Custom development of an integrated private platform

    At the same time the website is designed to serve as a collaborative tool. In addition to its outward facing component, our developers integrated a private platform. The FANCI team uses this protected area to publish and share resources.