CT Gallery: Presenting the art of the world's most celebrated photographers

CT Gallery presents works of art through gallery exhibitions, site-specific installations and captivating events with artists. The gallery is dedicated to the presentation of the world’s most celebrated photographers. Complementing its exhibition space, CT Gallery was looking for a solution to present its art online.


CT Gallery’s new website puts the works of the world’s best photographers centre stage. Our designers developed a concept that does justice to the artwork and embeds them in a user-friendly interface. The final website design does not distract from the actual imagery itself.

  • A responsive website

    We ensured that the website is optimised and responsive for a range of devices such as mobile phones and laptops. Users are able to see beautiful graphics no matter whether they are using a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile phone.

  • Optimised imagery

    As images are a key component of the CT Gallery website, our design team made sure that the images are optimised for different network connections and devices. This ensures that the site is fast and responsive regardless of the network requirements it is loaded in. Users will not have a negative experience when loading the website at slower connection speeds.