Optimising your site for mobile devices

  • 04 Feb 2016
  • Daniel Kaempf

Optimising your site for mobile devices

Mobile internet traffic is constantly growing. Last year, 52.7 % of worldwide users accessed the internet with their mobile phone. It is expected that this figure will rise to over 63.4 % by 2017.

In the US, 94% of people use smartphones to search for local information. Surprisingly, 77% of mobile searches occur at home or at work. In fact, people prefer to surf the web on their mobile phone, even if they have access to a desktop or laptop. To make a long story short: you should really be thinking about how users experience your website when using a mobile device.

Responsive websites have been mainstream since 2012. A responsive, or mobile-friendly website allows the user to easily navigate and read your website content on a mobile phone. Typically, responsive websites are taking the desktop version of the site as a starting point and optimise it for tablets and mobile phones.

Earlier last year, Google changed its algorithm so that it prioritizes mobile friendly and responsive sites in its search. This was a turning point for anyone who still needed an additional incentive to make their site mobile friendly. (In case you are not sure if your site is mobile-friendly you can take Google’s test.)

With the figures for mobile traffic growing as fast as they do, the way websites are being developed has been turned on its head. Now, developers are taking the mobile experience as a starting point rather than designing a site with the desktop version in mind. In fact, ‘mobile first’ is the new ‘responsive.’

This not only has an impact on design but also forces you to approach content differently. Since mobile devices only display one column this forces content into hierarchy. You want your users to read the most important things first. So basically mobile first means content first. It takes away the clutter and applies a minimalist approach to your website.

Not sure if your site is responsive or if you want to develop and design your new website with a mobile first approach? Let us know and we will help find a solution that works for you and your business. Darwin Digital specialises in website design and development in Lausanne and Geneva.