How To Make Sure Your Online Footprint Doesn’t Cost You Your Job

  • 02 Jun 2016
  • Daniel Kaempf

How To Make Sure Your Online Footprint Doesn’t Cost You Your Job

We all have read about people who have lost their jobs because they posted something on their personal social media accounts that they shouldn’t have. They made one mistake and it will haunt them forever because the Internet never forgets. Every time someone Googles their name the same story comes up. Forever.

The Internet Never Forgets

So before you post anything on social media stop and think for a minute before you press the send button. As Spiderman said: “With great power comes great responsibility.” In other words, social media can have a great impact but you must be careful that its power doesn’t turn against you.

Blurred lines

With the rise of social media your professional and personal lives become increasingly blurred. What you post in your free time will reflect on your career. If you post beautiful pictures of your mountain biking tours on Instagram everyone will see you as a person who loves the outdoors and has a talent for photography. Nothing wrong with that. If, however, you post pictures of your last night out – of which you don’t remember that much detail – this will send a completely different message. You get the idea.

How to protect yourself?

Inevitably your social media lives will catch up with you. Unfortunately, the only way to protect yourself is self-censorship. Even if you have the most restrictive privacy settings on your social media accounts, nothing that you post on social media is actually private. There are of course companies that offer to clean up your internet reputation, delete your social media profiles and will ask Google to remove any links to compromising articles. But no matter how thorough you are, you can be sure that someone else will already have taken a screenshot of your mistake.

So given all of this a good rule to consider before your next post is: when in doubt, leave it out. You can however, follow Darwin Digital, a web development, web design and digital marketing agency based in Lausanne and Geneva, on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. That’s risk free. Guaranteed.