Step up your networking game

  • 18 Feb 2016
  • Daniel Kaempf

Step up your networking game

It’s time to step up your networking game. First you need to start thinking differently of networking. For most of us networking means to make small talk with strangers who have the potential to advance their careers.

But there is much more to networking than simply attending events. Today, the internet allows us to connect with anyone in the world at any given moment. It’s about building genuine, useful relationships with as many people as possible.

3 steps for effective networking

  1. Define your network

First of all you need to map out your existing network. Sketch out people and groups that you are currently in touch with. Once you have a better idea of your existing network you need to ask yourself who you want to meet next and what kind of people you would like to connect with. Now it’s time to make a concrete action plan detailing who you will reach out to and how you will do it.

  1. Connect every day

Effective networking is something you need to do on a daily basis. It is crucial that you make connections between people, places and things. When you read a newspaper article or social media feed that reminds you of someone you know, send it to them. Or introduce people to connections with similar interests. If you work for your network it will start working for you.

  1. Say thank you

Say thank you to the people who are working behind the scenes for you. Show them your appreciation and doors will continue to open.

But remember to be authentic. That way you will automatically attract like-minded people. If you know how you can add value to your network, networking will become much more than talking to strangers who have the potential to advance your careers.

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