How to make it to the top of Google

  • 21 Apr 2016
  • Daniel Kaempf

How to make it to the top of Google

Today, if we want to know anything we simply turn to the Internet: the name of a newly opened restaurant, the opening hours of our favourite book shop or the timetable of the inner city bus.

But how do you make sure that potential customers can find your business online? That’s what SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is for. A recent study shows that search results that appear on the first page of Google get 71.33% of organic clicks whereas results appearing on page two and three only get 5.59% of clicks. The first 5 results in a Google search account for 67.60% of all the clicks and results 6 to 10 account for only 3.73%. So in short: it matters in what spot your business ranks. When it comes to SEO there is no silver bullet, but we have put together a few tips that will help you make it to the top of Google:

Content, content, content

You want to develop content that stands out and attracts links naturally. Quantitative and qualitative links still have the most influence on your search ranking and that is why you want as many of them as possible. Remember, great content can take many shapes and sizes ranging from engaging texts to downloadable tools to educational videos and infographics.

More content

Unfortunately, producing superior content can’t just be a one-off thing. You have to continuously update your website with fresh content to make sure your site stays relevant.

Harness the power of social media

A neat side effect of creating killer content is that people will want to share it. Back links from social media channels like Facebook and Twitter will positively influence your ranking on Google. Include sharing buttons directly on your website to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to spread the word.


Keywords help search engines identify what your web page is about. Come up with a keyword phrase for each page you want to reference. Just imagine how you would be searching for your own page. To come to this blog post you might have searched for “improve SEO ranking” or “SEO tips” or “better Google ranking.” You should then repeat this phrase several times in your post – especially in the opening and closing paragraphs. But beware – never sacrifice good writing for the sake of SEO. You are writing your posts for the user and not for a search engine.


Another way to improve your SEO is to add metadata to your posts. Just like keywords, metadata contains information about the content of your page. Title metadata, for example, displays the page title at the top of your browser window. Description metadata is a concise and engaging description of your content. And keyword metadata picks up the keywords you have used throughout your post.

Describe your images

Finally, you should add descriptions to your images and videos to make sure search engines can also find your visual content.

Of course there are additional ways to improve your SEO ranking but if you get started with the tips mentioned above you should see a number of improvements already. It is important to remember that SEO consists of many different elements that together improve your search results. If you need any help with your SEO, the Darwin Digital team based in Lausanne and Geneva is happy to give you a hand.