Useful Online Resources | June 2016

  • 23 Jun 2016
  • Daniel Kaempf

Fab Five June 2016

Working in a digital agency we spend a lot of time online. When we browse the web or social media we come across hidden gems: useful resources, great tools, social media accounts to follow or just things that make us smile. We don’t want you to miss out and every month we share our web highlights with you. Here are our five favourite titbits for June.

App of the month: Sqeedtime

This month’s app is from the same place as we are: beautiful Lausanne.  It makes it easy to spontaneously meet up with friends . Just sign up, see who else is free and do something together! What is more, you can benefit from special offers while you are at it. Good stuff!

Is the written word about to become extinct?

Facebook just predicted that, in five years, video will be the most popular form of content on its platform. So is the written word a dinosaur heading towards its last days? Ann Handley (who writes for a living and does not feel like a triceratops at all) has published a response to Facebook on her website.

Summertime = Vacation?

As an entrepreneur or a small business owner you can only smile wearily when people leave the office saying: “See you in two weeks!” You will of course be in the office pushing through the summer to keep your business open. But don’t be fooled. Not taking time off work may be detrimental to your business leaving you overworked and stressed out. Need more convincing? Read this article.

We have a password problem!

With every new app, every new platform, every new account comes a new username and password. It’s too much. This article gives an overview of the most commonly used methods of authentication and analyses how user friendly they are. Great if you want to start thinking about alternative logins.

Summer interview series

We’ve been preparing some especially juicy blog posts for you in Darwin Digital’s summer interview series 2016. Stay tuned for a series of posts highlighting how technology and innovation can be powerful tools for change and shape the workplace of tomorrow. Watch this space!

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