Fab Five – January 2016

  • 28 Jan 2016
  • Daniel Kaempf

Fab Five – January 2016

We’re passionate about everything digital. Every day we spend a lot of time online. When we browse the web or social media we find interesting stuff: useful resources, great tools, social media accounts to follow or just things that make us smile. We don’t want you to miss out. We have put together our five favourite titbits for you.

A Swiss Style colour picker

This is a great tool for designers and anyone interested in pretty things. This site features a collection of handpicked colour combinations inspired by Swiss Style posters and artwork. You can click on any colour and copy and paste the hex code (the code that determines how colours are displayed on the web). A great place if you are looking for some colour inspiration.

App of the month – Office Lens

At Darwin Digital we are all about collaboration. That means we use the whiteboards in our office a lot. Recently, we’ve discovered Microsoft’s Office Lens app which is great for taking pics of whiteboards. No more squinting at blurry pictures with completely illegible handwriting.


Hashtags are a mystery to you? This article summarises everything you need to know about hashtags. So instead of paraphrasing it we’ll send you straight there because we couldn’t have said it any better.

A keyboard designed for your hands

Most of us spend all day working on our keyboards. So why not make sure that we’re working with the best hardware out there? Keyboardio produces keyboards that are designed for your hands and make it easier to type.

Liked what you just read?

We’ll be sharing this type of content throughout the month on our social media platforms. So this month we’ll be doing a bit of self-promotion and encourage you to seek us out on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Speak to you there.

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