Fab Five – February 2016

  • 25 Feb 2016
  • Daniel Kaempf

Fab Five – February 2016

Working in a digital and web development agency in Lausanne we spend a lot of time online. When we browse the web or social media we come across hidden gems: useful resources, great tools, social media accounts to follow or just things that make us smile. We don’t want you to miss out and every month we share our web highlights with you. Here are our five favourite titbits for February.

404 page not found

We love these creative solutions web designers have found for spicing up the boring 404 error pages. Browse through the imaginative and witty designs. Maybe you get an idea for your own 404 page?

App of the month – Privately

Privacy is a concern for many social media users. This application allows you to take back control of your privacy settings by adding a safety filter on pictures before posting them on social media. Not even the social media platform you are posting to has access to the original file. The app limits the reach of your posts as you are manually selecting who can see your image without a safety filter.

How do people view your website?

Did you know that people won’t look past the top 2 or 3 research results in Google? Or that pictures of ‘normal’ people tend to draw more attention than images of models? And your headlines get less than a second of a user’s attention? For more facts and figures about how people view your website take a look here.

Words matter!

Social media expert Neil Patel has put together a list of words that boost social media traffic. On Facebook some of the buzz words are ‘post’ or ‘comment’ whereas on Twitter you should be using ‘free’ or ‘help.’ He even provides you with a list of words to avoid. Useful insights for anyone using social media for business purposes.

Sitting is the new smoking

After sitting at a desk all day you feel stiff, your back hurts and often your tense shoulders give you a headache? You can prevents this with a few easy exercises that you can do at the office. The Washington Post has tested them and even tells you how humiliating it will be if your co-workers spot you while doing these exercises. Now stop reading and get moving!

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