Pitfalls to avoid when developing your digital strategy

  • 03 Mar 2016
  • Daniel Kaempf

Pitfalls to avoid when developing your digital strategy

Your digital strategy guides all your online activities. As a fundamental document you want to make sure you get it right. Based on our extensive experience in strategy development we’ve put together a list of common pitfalls to avoid.

Pitfall No 1: Your strategy is not based on data

At the beginning, you probably have a pretty good idea of where your digital strategy should be headed. Nonetheless you should not base it on impressions or vague feelings. Hard data gathered in meticulous market research is the only solid foundation for your strategy. It might verify what you already thought you knew about your target audience and their buying behaviour but it might also reveal results that you did not expect.

Pitfall No 2: You ignore your competition

Knowing your online competition is an essential part of developing a successful digital marketing strategy. In order to advance your digital strategy, you need to know in which region your online competition is strongest and in what areas they are outperforming you. You can then start to analyse why they are getting better results than you and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Pitfall No 3: You don’t keep track of what you are doing

Tracking the impact of your work is important. You need to be able to remember what you have done. Only then can you replicate what was successful or try new tactics if you didn’t get any engagement. Your data analysis will determine what actions you want to include in your strategy.

Pitfall No 4: You don’t have a plan

An essential part of your strategy is a detailed marketing plan. Only if you can translate your strategy into concrete actions will you be able to implement it and achieve your business goals.

If you steer clear of these four pitfalls, you are on the right track. Just remember the four elements of a successful digital strategy are market research, competitor analysis, data tracking and planning. If you need support in any of these areas let us know and we are ready to help out. Darwin Digital is based in Lausanne and Geneva and specialises in website design and development.