Best Digital Transformations by Swiss Companies

  • 07 Mar 2017
  • Daniel Kaempf

Best Digital Transformations by Swiss Companies

Switzerland is a very customer focused country and so it is no surprise that enhancing the customer experience is at the heart of some recent world class digital transformations. Only a holistic approach can ensure a successful and truly digital makeover for a company which needs to include all elements from product to service are really important.
Swiss Post and SBB are two transformations we admire as much for their success but also for their comprehensive understanding of the benefits going digital can bring to a company, its staff and customers.

1. Swiss Post


Swiss Post is a winner of Swiss Digital Transformation Award 2016. Swiss Post has taken essential steps in achieving the digital maturity level of the organization as a whole.

For some time now, Swiss Post has been focusing its business and products and services more closely on the digital world, emphasizing the new, responsive Swiss Post website: a user-focused site with a simple and consistent design. One of the most important innovations of the new website is the Customer Center, which is now accessible via a central login from every page on the Swiss Post portal and integrates all Swiss Post’s online services. Until the introduction of the new postal portal 17, Swiss Post used different log-in procedures for the use of on-line services in order to access 78 different online services.

In order to transform its operation, Swiss Post had to set new digital strategy, involving all its units in this difficult process and motivating all employess to contribute. They even created special website dedicated to its digital transformation.  Some parallel exceptional breakthrough applications by Swiss Post have been the self driving delivery robots.

Rapid social and technological change means that we need to constantly adjust to our customers’ new requirements. This is why it is essential for us to recognize new trends and technologies early, try them out, and test them for their suitability

– Claudia Pletscher, Head of the Development & Innovation SWISS POST

2. SBB, Swiss Railways

SBB focused its digital transformation to three primary levels: improving interaction with customers, increasing internal efficiency and optimisation of processes.

Meeting digital consumer’s needs, SBB provided extraordinary network coverage on trains and at stations. As well as providing rolling stock with signal amplifiers nationwide for high-quality connectivity, free wifi has been installed at all the major railway stations across Switzerland. SBB Mobile app and Swiss pass are other examples of improving customer experience in digital environment.

When it comes to internal efficiency, SBB made first step with providing all 33.000 of employees with smartphones or tablets. The introduction of a business app at RailClean helps make planning the staff’s shifts much more efficient, as well as assigning staff, informing about changes, publishing work instructions and safety measures, sending feedbacks, status reports – everything via mobile device.

Rail Control System (RCS HOT, HOT stands for Hub Optimisation Technology) is a control program that optimises train management in critical locations on the track network. The program calculates the optimum driving profile for each individual train and informs the engine driver of this via the external system. This is a great example of digital process optimisation, alongside with the real-time control of rail services (mobile application for engine drivers) to avoid unscheduled stops.


This blog is the second in a series on digital strategy and transformation by Darwin Digital Agency, based in Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland.